An Interview with Captain Katy Moran

It's not often a 25-year-old can say that they are one of the oldest players in a team. However, for captain Katy Moran of Aston Villa Ladies, it's something she's become used to saying.

Aston Villa Ladies are a young, upcoming group of players who are all determined to produce performances that they can be proud of. An attitude reflected in skipper Katy Moran. The former Birmingham City midfielder is a disciplined all-rounder and has been keen to nurture the younger players of the team since taking on the captaincy at the start of this season.

Having been with the club for over five years, Moran has seen the changes that have been made to women's football. Aston Villa have supported the Ladies side in the progression, which has included a move to Bodymoor Heath where they have been training on various occasions. With a new owner, the Ladies can only hope for more support from Dr. Tony Xia - who even mentioned a trip to India for the girls - in order to become a full time team; an ambition shared by Moran. During an interview with AVTV, when she was unveiled as the new captain of Aston Villa Ladies after succeeding outgoing Sherry McCue, Moran discussed the difficulties of being a part time footballer. This included having a full day of university, before travelling to Villa Park for an evening training session. After being asked just how she does it, Moran replied that it was a lot of juggling and hard work but all the girls do the same thing at the club.

The Ladies are pushing for promotion, and if they were to be promoted to the top division discussions would have to be made, as the majority of the clubs in WSL 1 are all full time professionals.

On my trip down to Coles Lane to support the girls in their Continental Cup tie against Women's Super League 1 leaders Manchester City Women, I got the chance to speak to captain Moran where we discussed the game and also the difference between the two sides.

Talking to Katy Moran
post-match against Manchester
MJ: What were your thoughts on today's game?

KM: They've got world class players, full of internationals and obviously, we wanted a good start and conceding two penalties and getting a player sent off in the first 10 to 15 minutes wasn't a great start; but you have to deal with it and get on with it.

MJ: What did you make of the sending off?

KM: It's a tough call.

If your the opposition of course you're going to shout for a penalty. It's just one of those. Obviously, the referee's saw it as a sending off and she's given it. We can't do much about it. All we could do is react to it and go again, but it's a tough game with 11 players; let alone 10.

MJ: What's the difference between full time and part time, seeing as Manchester City are full time professionals?

KM: It's been shown today to be honest.

They're full time. They get paid - it's their job. Ourselves; we go to university, we have full time jobs, we have girls who work nights. It's a massive gulf and I think obviously that's shown today with it [the scoreline] being 8-0.

We tried our best but I think the fitness showed. The class showed. There's a massive difference at the minute... we're trying to close that gap but until we go full time I think it's just going to stay the same.

The Ladies take a moment before the game against
Man City, with captain Moran leading the team talk.
© Molly Jennens
MJ: Has it been tough having three games in one week?

KM: Yes, we've had five weeks off and we get a nice three games in seven days and then we get a rest for a week. It's strange decisions.

But we can't do anything about that, we can only do the things that we can control. These are the things on the pitch. Today we haven't done enough. We've just got to forget about it and move on to the next game.

MJ: Durham up next, what are you thinking?

KM: We'll go in confident. Today won't have any effect on next Sunday.

We beat them at home. It was a tough game, scrappy game. That again was on the end of three games in seven days so hopefully we'll go in fresh and give them a game and come out with three points.


The Ladies face table toppers Yeovil Town at Stratford's DCS Stadium on the back of consecutive victories over Millwall Lionesses and Watford, keeping their promotion hopes alive. Tickets are £5 for adults, whilst children and OAP's can watch the girls for just a £1.

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